The First 50,000 Participants Will Get a Pair of Reebok Shoes Free – Facebook Scam

Yet another type of  scam  has surfaced on  Facebook. A message that is spreading across news feed with the title – “The first 50,000 participants Will Get a Pair of Reebok Shoes Free”. The scam offers you a free pair of Reebok shoes just by attending an event and likinga Facebook page.

The scam message attempts to trick users by asking them to likea Facebook page and stand a chance to win the shoes for free. According to the Facebook page, in order to participate, you have to click on the I’m Attendingbutton, and like We Love Cricket ClubFacebook page. Next, you have to share and invite at least 50 friends to the event. It gives a warning that if you do not complete the steps, the system will not register your details.

You will then have to write Attendingalong with your gender, shoe size, favorite cricket team and email id on its wall page. The scam states that it is based on a first-come, first-served basis. Only the first 50,000 participants stand a chance to win the prize.

Free Reebok Shoes - Facebook Scam

Scammers create such Facebook pages with names such as Apple iPad Beta Testers Wanted, Free Facebook Shoes, Free iPad Giveaway!” and so on, to target on people who desire to win free gifts. Facebook pages like this are created to upsurge the number of likes.

The ultimate goal of scammers is to get as many numbers of shares and likes. You’re just being fooled into “liking” the page which will gain you nothing. As soon as you “like” something on Facebook, the link is shared with your friends. They in turn may click on it – just as you did – and then continue spreading this nonsensicality.

Similarly, there are scams that download malicious programs on your computer without your knowledge. These programs may expose your credentials like credit card number and email id. So think twice before you click on any link or share something on Facebook.

And if you were already tricked into a scam like this despite being careful, then worry not. Here are a few things that might help you get rid of them –

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