Free Starbucks $50 Gift Card – Facebook Scam [UPDATE]

UPDATE:  Starbucks tweeted to its 1.7 million followers on Twitter, warning them that a gift card offer on Facebook is fake and asking users not to fall for the trick.

“Beware – there is a scam on Facebook offering a  free $50 Starbucks card.  Don’t click on it, it isn’t real.”

Starbucks Warns Users

A Facebook scam that we reported yesterday indicated – “Free $25 Tim Hortons Gift Card” which tricked users in giving away a free $25 gift card by asking them to share and provide their personal details. A similar scam that I noticed on my Facebook Wall today was – “FREE Starbucks $50 Gift Card”.

Free Starbucks $50 Gift Card - Facebook Scam

The scams spreading on Facebook has a description that reads – “To celebrate our 40th Anniversary, we are giving away thousands of $50 Gift Vouchers FREE” along with a link to a bogus website. Clicking the link will take you to the bogus site where you are asked to “share” and add a comment “Happy Birthday”. Once done, you are then redirected to another page where you are asked to enter your email ID in order to claim the gift card.

Free Starbucks Gift Card

After you have entered your email ID, you are again redirected to another page where you are asked to fill out your personal information like name, age, and mobile number. However, despite completing all the steps, there is no free gift card given.

The entered details will be sold to third-party individuals or marketing organizations, who will make use of it to spam with SMS updates and junk emails. The best way to deal with such scams is ignore the them or avoid filling out the form. If you find this particular scam post on your Facebook Wall, then you can delete it by clicking the “x” on the top-right corner of the post.

Please note that scams like this use multiple domain and different web pages. You may see variations in the landing pages, but they are all the same.

Despite Facebook taking precautionary measures by officially launching a document called Guide to Facebook Securityand partnering with a web based security firm WebSense, there hasn’t been much improvements in reducing the number of scams spreading on Facebook. However, we at Techie Buzz make sure that our readers stay up to date with the latest threats and scam messages spreading on Facebook and elsewhere. So, make sure you’ve liked us on Facebook and signed up to receive free email alerts.

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