Free iPhone 5 Giveaway – Facebook Scam

Earlier this week, it was reported that an Apple employee lost yet another iPhone prototype in a restaurant and bar in San Francisco. Now that Apple is working with the police to recover the missing iPhone prototype, scammers have already started to create pages and post updates on Facebook, trying to trick users by offering them free iPhone 5.

Even though Apple hasn’t officially announced the iPhone 5, users on Facebook  are falling for the trick by completing the steps required to claim the device. Here is a post that I noticed while I was on Facebook:

Free iPhone 5 Giveaway - Facebook Scam

The scam titled – Get the New iPhone 5 – Pre Release Giveaway” has a message that states “Many people are asking us that why are we giving away the iPhone 5 for free?, which increases users curiosity to know the answer to that question, and ultimately lead them to click on the link.

Clicking the link will take you to a bogus webpage, where you will see the answer to the questions as “The answer is our gaming advertisers and sponsors pay us for each of our promotion. And the  iPhone 5 for our Visitors are financed by our advertisers and sponsors. So it’s free for both, you and us.”

In order to claim the reward, you are asked to complete three steps which include, likingthe Facebook  page, sharing it with your friends and posting a message that you got a free iPhone 5 along with the link to the bogus webpage.

Recently we reported a fake Facebook contest, which indicated that Facebook is Giving 100000 Apple iPod Free. However, this was reported as a scam, and Facebook took down the page immediately.

Please note that there is NO iPhone 5 given for free. Forget about the free giveaway, Apple hasn’t announced iPhone 5 yet, so there’s no point in taking part in such contests. DO NOT likeor share the message with your friends. If you come across posts like this, please delete it or report it to the Facebook Security team.

Scammers create such posts to loot users. Sometimes you will be asked to complete online surveys by providing your credentials. Credentials that you enter are submitted to the scammer, who might then misuse it by stealing your money or hacking your accounts.

If you’re a Facebook  fan and want to stay updated on the latest scams, threats and security news, I would recommend you to bookmark the link – – where we regularly post the latest attacks or follow Techie Buzz on Facebook.

Facebook has come up with a 14 page document called Guide To Facebook Securitywhich will help its users understand the social network’s security features and possible ways to protect their account from threats like malware and phishing attacks. It also includes tips on how users can avoid  click-jacking and like-jacking scams.

I recommend you to go through the document which will definitely help you tackle scam messages. The document is available for free and you can  download  a copy of it from the  Facebook Security Page. You may also be interested in reading on  How to Prevent Your Facebook Account from Getting Hacked

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