Free Christmas Theme for All Facebook Users – Facebook Scam

A new scam on  Facebook  has been reportedly spreading on the social networking giant, Facebook. The scam titled Free Christmas Theme for Facebookhas a messages that reads Get Christmas Theme for FB on [link] <<—Free Christmas Theme for all FB users.

The scam is spreading in different versions. Another similar version of the scam has the following title Get All new Santa Claus theme for Christmas,followed by the same description.

Free Facebook Christmas Theme

This is a  spam message  that is spreading on Facebook. Do not share this with your friends. Clicking the scam will take you to a bogus page where a malware program will be automatically downloaded on your computer.

Clicking the link will take you to the Facebook Page where you are asked to click on the shortened URL to proceed further to claim your “Free Christmas Theme.” You will see the following page when it is loaded –

Free Christmas Theme for Facebook - Scam

You are asked to download and install a browser extension in order to activate the theme. Please DO NOT download the file as it is a rogue browser plugin. It is recommended that you only install those plugins from authors you trust. The plugin that you will be installing is designed to monitor your Internet activity. The program will log all your entries, including your username and password to various accounts. The gathered data will be sent to the author of the plugin, who could possibly misuse or hack your accounts.

We have already warned our readers about Christmas Related Offers and Scams on Facebook. We recommended you not to click on any messages (including those which are posted by your close friends) with any short URLs, or have the following keywords – limited Christmas offer, free Christmas theme, free coupons, and so on.

To understand how to identify and avoid Facebook scams, I recommended you to go through the articles written on Techie Buzz. They will definitely help you

We at Techie Buzz constantly  monitor  for any scam messages spreading on Facebook. Bookmark  Techie Buzz Facebook Scams  and keep yourself updated with the  latest scams on Facebook.

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