Watch out for Fake Facebook Photo Tag Emails

Not every Facebook user has fair knowledge about how they are being tricked into sharing their Facebook information with spammers. Some install rogue applications, while some click on spam links. Of late, users are being tricked by a fake email, which appears to be a “notification” from Facebook, but with a fake email id with an extra “o” in it.

The fake email id – notification(at)facebooo(dot)com has an extra “o” in the domain name. Users generally do not notice this and tend to believe that the email is genuinely from Facebook. The email contains a message indicating that the user has been tagged in a photo on Facebook. It also contains two button links “See Photo” and “Go to Notifications,” which when clicked, activates and runs a malware program automatically, reports Sophos.

Here is an example of what the email looks like:

Facebook Fake Photo Tag Notification Email

Subject: Christine McLain Gibbs tagged a photo of you on Facebook

From: Facebook <[email protected]>

Clicking the link provided in the email will not take you to your Facebook account; instead it will redirect you to a bogus web page that is hosting a malware program. The malicious grogram is designed to put your computer at high risk using the Blackhole exploit kit. Seconds after that, you will be redirected to a random Facebook profile page.

Security firm SophosLabs, have investigated on this and concluded with the detection of the malware as Troj/JSRedir-HW. Read more about the malware here.

If you receive any email that is claiming to be coming from Facebook, then make sure you check the email details before clicking on any of links embedded in it. The best practice is to ignore the email and go to your Facebook profile directly t check for notifications.

Back in January, we reported that spammers created fake ‘Facebook Security’ accounts created to send phishing messages that primarily attempted to steal account information from Facebook users. It is always recommended not to click on any links on Facebook. You cab bookmark Techie Buzz Facebook Scams and stay updated with the latest scams spreading on Facebook.

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