Beware of Facebook Chat-Jacking Scams

How would you like it if someone was pretending to be you, so that they could rip off your friends? Yesterday, Keith warned us about the Photoshop scam at Facebook, I’ve decided to fill you in on some of the details about this type of  Facebook scam.  So what is Chat-Jacking and why should you care?

What is Chat-Jacking?

While in Facebook, you might get a message from a friend that goes something like this:

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  • b0nz0

    Thanks, will be useful to many.

  • hmmm, too bad I’m here because my Fb account is infected with something like this. Is there a good solution to this now? if there is pls send me a message on my FB so then I can also help those some of my friends whom might been infected too. Right now I’m just using chrome’s incognito mode hehe :)