CNBC.Com Spoof Twitter Spam on The Rise
By on June 15th, 2012

Of late, Twitter users are being  bombarded with tons of direct messages which contain links to a spoof CNBC website that shows you how to make tons of money while sitting at home. While these types of spam messages are not new and have been circulated in the past (See: Want to Start a Real Internet Biz This Year?), the number of DMs these days are hitting the roof. Twitter DM Spam

The spam is being circulating in various forms and includes messages (accompanied with a spoof link) like:

Hey, Be your own boss man!

Hey, Why be bitched around, turn the tables on em!

Hey, Change your life, TODAY!

Hey, Why bother doing somebody elses dirty work?

Hey, This is how you make REAL money!

Though these spam messages are not as bad as the bad rumors about you and terrible things about you phishing attacks, they are annoying as hell. The links are created by some work-from-home scammers who want to rip you off and make money themselves.

The link in the message usually takes you to a website which looks very similar to and contain fictitious headlines like “New York Mom Earns $6,795/Month Part-Time”. The website also goes on to detail their online business in the rest of the content and how they are making tons of money accompanied with some fake screenshots of Google AdSense and other money-making websites.

While it is easy to fall prey to because the the website is designed to look like CNBC (and many times other popular news outlets), as a user, you should always look at the URL to see what the domain is.  For example, should always end in followed by any additional parameters and not as in this case.

It is apparent that the users themselves are not sending these messages. So, it might be that users’ accounts are being compromised using other phishing attacks or Twitter apps. As a precaution, change your Twitter password immediately if such messages were sent from your account and also revoke app permissions on Twitter.

Work from Home scams have been going around for years now, but the barrage of spam hitting both Twitter and Facebook is very high. It is high time that both these social networking websites up their ante and start protecting their users from spammers and scammers.


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