Facebook Photograph Showing “Black” Lion is a Fake

Earlier today, while I was on Facebook, I stumbled across a post shared by a friend of mine containing a photo of a “black” lion. Although I knew that something was wrong about the photo, I did a simple search on Facebook, and to my surprise found a boatload of users sharing it. However, the photo is a fake, or in other words, it has been digitally manipulated.

The message is spreading across Facebook as follows:

Black Lion… :-) How many likes for him?

Black Lion….only 1 alive…..in the world. can we get maximum likes 4 dis amazing pic…Share N tag PLS…

The one and last black Lion in the world….extinction on its way.

The Last Black Lion Alive at Norway Zoo . Really Awesome . :)

Facebook Black Lion Hoax

Don’t fall for this hoax message as the picture in the message has been digitally manipulated to make it look like a “black” lion. The picture was fabricated by a DeviantArt user – Pavol Dvorský. The original photo, which is a white lion, can be found at Cute Home Pets website, which discusses about questions and answers about considering to own a white lion as pet.

Here’s the original photo of the white lion:

White Lion - Original Photo

The only animal-relation that I could find to a “black lion” is the black lion tamarin, also known as the golden-rumped lion tamarin, found in Brazil. However, the black lion tamarin is a type of monkey, and not a lion.

Users need to be aware of this as scammers on Facebook might take it up as an advantage and trick users into clicking malware links, or download them as a program.

Hoax messages like the one above isn’t something new. There have been several such hoax messages reportedly spreading and spamming the social networks. It is always advised that users verify such information before spreading it across to their friends. A quick search on Google will help you find out whether the message is a fake or not.

We at Techie Buzz always try to keep you updated with the latest scams spreading on Facebook. You can follow our dedicated Facebook page where we report all spreading scams – Techie Buzz Scam Monitor.


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