Beware of This Gmail Phishing Email

There’s a new phishing email that is being sent across to Gmail users stating that their Gmail account might be suspended if they do not verify their account immediately. If you’ve received such an email, it is advised that you delete or report the email as ‘phishing’ immediately.

The following phishing email is being sent across to Gmail users:

Gmail! Mail Account Verification

You are receiving this message due to errors encountered in our regular verification process on your email account.

We need to verify your account, regarding the new security features that is added to your email account.You are required to send us your user name and password to avoid loosing your account


Gmail! Account Services

Gmail Scam

Messages like this are sent to mass users by spammer and are specifically designed to collect personal information, called ‘spoofing’ or ‘password phishing.’

As Google explains, “phishing is a form of fraud in which a message sender attempts to trick the recipient into divulging important personal information like a password or bank account number, transferring money, or installing malicious software. Usually the sender pretends to be a representative of a legitimate organization.”

Users should be cautious of any message or email that asks for your personal information, such as username & password, credit card number, or any other credential information. Some messages refer you to a webpage asking for personal information, which also should be avoided.

One thing you can be sure of is that Google or Gmail will never ask you to provide this information in an email; if the message asking for it claims to be from Google or the Gmail team, do not believe it. Gmail doesn’t send mass messages asking for passwords or personal information. If you think your Gmail account has been compromised or taken over, you can follow this link to seek direct help from the Gmail team and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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