Beware of ChatSend App on Facebook

If you are one of those users on Facebook who have downloaded the ChatSend  application, you may notice that the application has been acting shady of late.  The application has been linked to spammy Facebook message and is enticing Facebook users into installing the application that inaptly  advertises itself.

What is ChatSend Application?

According ChatSend, the application –

…creates advanced, innovative technologies to efficiently deliver large files across the Internet. Our innovative clientless peer to peer file sending platform, enable us to virtually send files without having the cost of heavy infrastructure, thus we provide the service for FREE .

Now, according to a report by GFI Labs, messages that link to ChatSend’s Facebook page started to appear on Facebook users’ inbox, which were posted without the user’s knowledge. The application not only posted a message, but also sent the same message via Facebook chat (if enabled) to all users in the list.

ChatSend Messages

Although the Facebook Security team has blocked the ChatSend” app, it is reported that the app is still promoting itself among friends of users who had installed it.

The app download link has been spreading in a way similar to how scam messages spread – by sharing or “liking” the post. It was noted that the app had received more than 134,000 likes. The message contains a link to download the ChatSend application and upon installing the app on the user’s computer, it may lead to installing a browser toolbar for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer that will set the default search engine to “Web Search.”

ChatSend Installation

While installing the app, you will notice under the Terms and Agreements, three boxes which are already checked by default, each of them validating the installation of toolbars, search engines and predefined URLs as homepage. Once the installation is done, the app starts sending automated messages to your friends on Facebook, each of which contains a unique link pointing to the download site.

If in case you have installed this application by mistake, you can remove it from the Add/Remove Programssection of the Control Panel. Also, it is recommended that you run a full system anti-virus scan, just to make sure that there no Trojans or any the malicious programs installed. If you  receive  any message  related  to ChatSend, then DO NOT click on any links provided in the message and be sure to delete it immediately.

It is always advised that you avoid clicking links on Facebook, which may cause a potential threat your Facebook account or your system. If in case you really want to click on a link or try out some new programs, then make sure that you have read enough reviews about it before installing it on your computer.

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    • argonne mamon

      my facebook account and my yahoo account has very slow response and become non responsive after i down loaded
      chat send pls help me to uninstall chat send as i cannot
      it in control panel or uninstall it .it is causing very slow response or at times my facebook or yahoo account is not working properly or become non-responsive even google becomes so slow to use. iwant to uninstall chat send in my computer . pls help thank you…

  • You can remove chatsend in google chrome by going to extension tab in google option.

    Wrench > Options > Extensions then look for chatsend extension then click remove.

    Hope it helps.


      je vous remercie beaucoup pour votre aide ;je savais pas comment supprimer chatsend ;maintenant cest fait je suis soulager ;Merci encore ;Salut ;

  • For people who use Chat Sent and Don’t lyk it…
    Read the Link…

    • fir bh i m nt able 2 remove dis… cuz its nt showin in add or remove prog

    • which browser u using

    • firefox

    • go to tools… extentions and remove chatsend…

    • extension ka koi option ni hai :(

    • Extensions or addons or plugins etc of that sort… otherwise cum online…

    • Sonu Goel i can help you for removing chat send from your browser, check with that following instructions, your browser right side you can found wrech that is spanner symbol click it –> option–> left side you have to findthe name EXTENSTION click it and Remove chatsend —> if you have more doubt contact me at _919791559795 or [email protected] on fb or mail

    • Sheik Anas hey i can’t find the the spanner symbol..can u please help me..

  • how to remove the chatsend on facebook?

  • chatsend no good my laptop getting slowly how to remove this chatsend in facebook..

  • how can I uninstall the chatsend from firefox..please help me..

  • how top remove chatsend.

  • I’ve could not put it to any reasonable use.

  • liil hictor

  • chatsend is really annoying..pls help me to remov this appp!

  • were to go at first? wr is d tool optn nd wrz d scanner? plzz help out…