Apple Tablet, Fake Google Chrome OS, Microsoft Store Removes Crapware, Digg Frontpage Updates, Apple meets BlackBerry, Google GPS sinks Tomtom and Garmin [WUITW]


Apple Looking to release Tablet Soon – According to Business Insider, Apple Engineers are busy making rounds of China, where most of Apple’s prototypes are created. They hint that the Apple Tablet is imminent to arrive sooner than later.

Microsoft Banishes Trial/Crapware from PCs sold in Microsoft Store – Lee Matthews from DSQ, points out how Microsoft is doing away with the excessive trialware and unwanted crapware from PCs sold in the Microsoft Store. Good news for people who have had who buy new PCs. If you have a PC loaded with crapware, try out a software which will help you clean up pre-installed crapware from your system. For the curious types, here is a ware dictionary, which explains the different types of Software (i.e. Trialware).

Digg Playing Around With New Frontpage Feature – Digg is playing around with a new feature, where they will allow users to vote on whether or not   story should make it to the Digg Front page. Nothing is sure for now, but this would be a good feature to have, considering the amount of gaming that goes on with Digg.

Apple iPhone Closing in on Blackberry – Apple iPhone has always been a consumer favorite, but looks like it is making inroads into RIM’s pre-dominant business device, Blackberry. According to TUAW, recent stats show that, iPhone is quickly climbing up the charts and closing the gap on Blackberry.

Fake Google Chrome OS Makes Rounds of the Internet – There has been no dearth of fake OS videos and images, however losers are still playing around on the curiosity (Didn’t curiosity kill the cat? ;-)) of people. PC World reports about some fake Google Chrome OS builds doing the round of the Internet.

Motorola Droid’s Google GPS tanks TomTom and Garmin shares – Google’s announcement on offering free turn-by-turn navigation on the highly anticipated Motorola Droid, has had some after effects on the NYSE, lowering the share value of the GPS market leaders TomTom and Garmin.

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