Dual Screen Netbook, Microsoft Yahoo Blame Game, Facebook Wins $711 Million Lawsuit, Live.com’s Future [WUITW]

Dual Screen Netbook are Actually Good – Engadget reports about a concept product, where a netbook will be fitted with dual screens, making working with netbook much more productive. Take a look at the video above to view the concept in action.

Microsoft Blames Yahoo for Search Deal Delays – The much publicized search deal between Microsoft and , has not yet been completed. However, the blame games have already started, with Microsoft blaming Yahoo for the signing of the search deal.

What’s coming for Live.com? – Microsoft promised to do something about Live.com, rather than redirecting it to after 45 days, the 45 days is already up, so what will happen to Live.com now? Take a look at what LiveSide thinks.

Facebook Awarded $711 million in a Anti-spam lawsuit – Mashable reports, that has won a considerable huge sum to fill up their coffers, when a judge awarded them a $711 million lawsuit. against a serial spammer, who was also part of a MySpace litigation earlier.

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