AT&T Sues Verizon, Conficker is Back, File Shares Hide Online Identities, Apple Rejects App for Using “iPhone”, PayPal in 24 Currencies [WUITW]


Credit: Business Insider

AT&T Sues Verizon over There’s a map for Thatads – AT&T is furious at Verizon for their new, There’s a map for Thatads, which is pretty similar to the iPhone catchline There’s an app for that. Wonder why Apple is silent about this?

Millions of File-Sharers Hide Their Identities Online – TorrentFreak reports that millions of users cloak their identity while sharing files online, fearing backlash from the piracy industry.

After One Year, Conficker Infects Seven Million Computers – Remember the Conficker Worm? Well, it has come out of hibernation and attacked more than 7 million computers.

Apple Rejects another app from the App store for using the word iPhone – Can Apple’s app store get any more weirder than this?

PayPal now supports 24 currencies – PayPal has just announced, that they will be supporting 24 currencies at the PayPal X developer platform.

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