Google Voice 1.4 million users. LA spends MS Money on Google. Android 2.0 running on HTC Dream. Nokia shutting down N-Gage. [WUITW]

Google Voice has 1.4 Million Users, 40% use it Everyday – Business Insider reports that Google Voice has 1.4 million users and around 40% of them actively use it. Free calls anyone?

Los Angeles Spends Microsoft Money on Google Contract – The Los Angeles government has signed a 5 year deal worth $7.25 million to overhaul email for 30,000 users by using Google Apps. The bigger surprise is that, they are using Microsoft Money to pay for this deal.

Android 2.0 Running on T-Mobile G1 aka HTC Dream – Google officially announced Android 2.0 aka Eclair, and it looks like people have already been able to install it on T-mobile G1 aka HTC Dream. Check the video above to see Android 2.0 in action on a G1 HTC Dream.

Nokia N-Gage Shutting Down – Nokia is going to shutdown their failed gaming service N-Gage. Nokia intends to stop publishing games and will eventually shutdown the service by end of next year.

Microsoft Shutting Down Office Accounting on November 16th – Microsoft will be shutting down their Office Accounting suite on November 16th. Users will continue to receive support for the product for the next five years.

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