Weekly Software / Website / Beta Launches: January 12 2008

Every week there are lots of softwares that are released and made available for the users, though we are not always able to write about those this new weekly software launches section will summarize all the popular launches of softwares, websites and beta launches for the past week.

This bulletin will come out every Sunday so that we can cover the launches from Sunday to Saturday. Of course we will always try our best to review the softwares for you.

This week’s popular launches are

NewsGator Go!, NewsGator Inbox, FeedDemon and NetNewsWire


newsgator-logo Though these are not new launches, Newsgator has announced that FeedDemon, NewsGator Go! and NetNewsWire will now be available for free. This was a very good news for users since FeedDemon is one of the best Desktop RSS readers.

There are quite a few features in the newly released products;

  • Panic Button" – detects when you have a ton of unread items and offers to mark them (or a subset of them) as read
  • Significant performance improvements
  • Redesigned newspaper UI
  • Significant improvements to offline reading support, including redesigned "prefetching" of feeds
  • Inline page search
  • Attention reporting/APML export


    Windows: FeedDemon

    Mac: NetNewsWire

    Mobile: NewsGator Go

    Microsoft Outlook: NewsGator Inbox

    PDF Hammer

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