Opera 9.6 Released, Yahoo Web Analytics, Google AdSense for Games, uTorrent New Version, Gmail Labs Advanced IMAP Control

Welcome to another episode of where we talk about the various happenings that we could not cover individually over the week, this week has definitely seen a lot of new exciting launches and improvements. Lets take a look at what this week had on offer.

Opera 9.6 Released

finally released the the final version of the browser Opera 9.6, this version of the browser has several new enhancements, including a magazine style feed reader, expanded opera link, optimized opera mail, increase speed and more. They have also added support for several new languages including Indonesian, Ukrainian, Estonian, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil languages.

If you have not upgraded yet, take a look at the change-log and download the latest version.

Yahoo Web Analytics

yahoo-web-analytics Yahoo has finally put the purchase of IndexTools to good news and re-launched it as Yahoo Web Analytics. The new service provides users with real time analytics, customizable executive dashboards, custom reports, comparative reporting scenario analysis and more.

This places Yahoo as a very strong competitor to Google Analytics. On the other hand Google Analytics have several new changes on the horizon, including integration with your AdSense account. New signups are invite only. Visit Yahoo Web Analytics.

Google Launches AdSense for Games

google-adsense-logo If you are not tired of playing the 150 flash games we told you about, gear up to see some relevant ads in them now. Google AdSense team has announced the introduction of AdSense ads for games. As a beta user of AdSense for Games, you can display video ads, image ads, or text ads within your online games to earn revenue.

Getting into the beta list is a bit tough though and you require to have a minimum of 500000 game plays each day with more than 80% of the traffic coming though US and UK.

uTorrent Releases v1.8.1

utorrent-logo uTorrent one of the fastest and most popular bittorrent client (our favorite too) has released a new version 1.8.1 which fixes several bugs. ĀµTorrent will never exceed the half-open limit now. This resolves the issue where trackers would all go offline after a few hours and require restarting ĀµTorrent. It also connects to as many peers in 1.7.7 in all circumstances, as the connection distribution system has been fixed.

This version also fixes the issue for Vista users, where uTorrent crashed unexpectedly. Download uTorrent 1.8.1

Google Labs Adds Advanced IMAP Controls

If you have been impressed by the several new features introduced in you could brace yourself for another new feature called Advanced IMAP Controls.


The main problem with using through IMAP has been the slow down of Outlook and other email clients. Advanced IMAP Control will help you choose which folders should be available through IMAP access, this will definitely help you curtail and restrict access to only certain folders making the IMAP access much more faster. You will need to visit  the settings page and enable Advanced IMAP Controls in Gmail Labs before you can start using it.


Once you have enable it you can setup the advanced IMAP controls by visiting the Forwarding and POP/IMAP section in the settings page.

That’s it for this edition of the roundups, do give your feedback on how you want us to shape the roundups in future.

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