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Welcome to another of news we could not post about in our daily schedule. In this edition we look  at several interesting news and articles from across the blogosphere.


So periodically I will share some really good news that you can use. All of them will be really interesting so don’t forget to check them out.

Use Dropbox for more than just file synching – Did you think that Dropbox was just for file synching? This article goes out of the box and shows you the different uses of Dropbox.

How to End a Phone Call Without Being Rude – Everyone of us have received a telemarketing call and many times we are pretty rude with them. But those poor souls are just doing a job. This post details how you can end a call without being rude at it.

Bing Visual Search the ever growing search engine from Microsoft has released a new type of search called Bing visual Search which displays the search results visually. This feature is available only for select results right now.

Google News adds Magazine Style Fast Flip – Google is testing a new format for displaying news to readers. The new style displays magazine style news content. The feature is part of Google Labs so you will need to visit Google Fast Flip to view the new format.

Facebook Does a Twitter once again, adds @ tagging is at it  once again copying from . Last time around they managed to make Facebook look like twitter, but this time they took it one step further and decided to add friend tagging using the @ symbol. The @ symbol has been associated with twitter for a long time allowing them to reply to others.

Flickr introduces Galleries one of the most popular photo sharing website has finally introduced Galleries. Using galleries you can accumulate up-to 18 photos or videos and build a gallery using themes provided by Flickr.

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