Monthly Buzz: May 2009 Roundup

The long awaited summer is finally arriving here are so are the stats for the month of May 2009, this month was pretty exciting since we started the to celebrate our 3rd birthday, which by the way is coming up soon :-)

However time to get back to telling the readers how we fared this month and what to expect in June. Here are all the interesting stuff we would want to let our users know from May 2009 :-).

Do let us know your thoughts and views on how we did and how we can further improve, your views are very important to us.


Stats For May 2009

Traffic in May 2009

May saw an increase in traffic by 12%, however pageviews decreased a bit which was concerning, we are working towards getting the pageviews back up, however it would be great if you as a reader could suggest changes that you would want us to apply to keep users browsing on the site, your opinion is very important and I would really appreciate it a lot.

The better news with regards to the traffic is that I am pretty confident that we will cross the 1 Million PVs per month in next couple of months, which is pretty exciting for me, don’t forget to give suggestions on how we can improve the navigation and keep users interested in browsing for more content.

Feed Subscribers in May 2009

As for regular readers the feed subscription grew by over 350 users which was good but we would still like to grow more, part of the feed subscribers we have may not be included in the current count, since the browser discovery was pointing to the direct feed and not the Feedburner feed, hopefully we should cross 3000+ subscribers this month.

Income in May 2009

As far as income goes, we switched around a few advertisers and have been selling several direct advertisements, which has helped us grow the income by a little bit more than 40%, once again it’s really good, however the income is still almost 50% away of my goal to consider to switch to full time blogging, hopefully it should happen pretty soon.

Important Announcements and Changes In May 2009

On several notes May was definitely pretty exciting considering the amount of things we did and were able to do, here is a summary of the most exciting things in May 2009.

Two New Concentrated Niche Blogs

Back in the day we always mixed up content which we though to change away a bit by expanding the network to cover individual niches that would give readers a better reading experience. We launched two different network sites that will focus on Mobiles and Gadgets.

Mobile Buzz

Mobile Buzz was the first one to go live, it basically focuses on everything related to mobiles including news, reviews, applications and more. Mobile Buzz is authored by me and Unitechy a engineering student who drools over mobiles and the telecom industry, I could not find a better fit for getting out the Mobile news.

Don’t forget to visit Mobile Buzz to get the best mobile news, we are still growing and there will be a lot of interesting content to devour, you can get regular updates by Subscribing to the Mobile Buzz RSS Feeds or subscribe to the Mobile Buzz Email Newsletter.

Gadgets Buzz

Gadgets Buzz is another network blog we started with focus on gadgets and hardware, something we often not done in the past. On Gadgets Buzz you will find news and reviews of the latest gadgets, hardware and more.

Gadgets Buzz is primarily authored by Rajesh a cool guy who is studying and also a gadget freak, he is definitely someone who I trust would bring you the best news in the gadgets and hardware niche.

Don’t forget to visit Gadgets Buzz to stay updated on the latest hardware and gadgets news. You can get regular updates by Subscribing to the Gadget Buzz RSS Feeds or subscribe to the Gadgets Buzz Email Newsletter.

And then we also kicked off our 3rd Birthday Bash in May with loads of exciting prizes to give away, the contests are still underway and everyone has a chance to win, so do participate in them :-).

New Authors at Techie Buzz

At Techie Buzz we have always focused on bringing out the best news, however we have also always been trying to add variety to the content we have to offer, in that sense we have always trying to bring better authors to the blog.

We now have 3 new authors here at Techie Buzz, adding variety and value to the content we offer, all 3 authors are really brilliant and have been writing for quite some time now.

We will be doing a full introduction of individual authors, however in the meantime do check out their personal blogs to get to know them.

Highlights from May 2009

If you have missed anything we have written in May 2009, here are the best posts you might want to take a look at.

That’s it for this month then, we all look forward to getting your feedback and views, don’t forget to tell us how we can improve, we honestly and sincerely look forward to your feedback and views.

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