Monthly Buzz: February 2009 Roundup

February has come to end, but that does not mean that we will stop writing great content for our readers, however there are often times when you may have missed on some really good content, and as part of the Monthly Buzz we round up the best posts and make it available in a easy to find place for our readers.


Along with that there are some basic stats I would like to share with our readers, after all you are the driving force for us writing content, so we want to have a equal peek at what’s behind the scenes for you.

Basic Stats for February 2009

There was a slight traffic drop in December 2008 and January 2009 due to a break I took, however traffic has jumped higher in February and we have seen traffic go back to more than half a million page views in less than 28 days, will definitely love to grow the traffic more, now that I am fully focusing on the blog.

Search Engine Traffic accounted for ~78% of the total traffic, and I will be aiming to grow this to around 85-90% which would automatically surge the traffic, I have plans in place, however will start implementing them somewhere in the middle of March, due to a rather busy schedule and other personal commitments.

We added over 400 new Feed Subscribers in the month and our updater @techiebuzzer now has 84 followers, aiming to hit the 3000 mark in March.

Revenue grew 35% from January 2009, however it only grew 14% when compared to the peak month of November 2009, will be planning for better advertising options in March and hopefully should implement them by mid of March.

Best Posts from February 2009

Now that we are done with the stats, here are some of the best posts for February 2009.

You can also browse the entire archive for the posts written in February 2009. Don’t forget to give us your views and opinions, and if you have a few minutes, take this Techie Buzz survey to tell us how to improve.

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