iTunes 8 Genius, New iPod Nano, Google Docs Updates, Gmail for IE6, Gmail Labs New Features, Dropbox For Public and more

Welcome to another roundup episode, where we cover roundup all the latest happenings we could not cover into a single post for your convenience, this week saw several interesting news and we are pretty excited to bring them to you.

iTunes 8 Genius and iPod Nano 4th Generation


Apple announced the availability of the new iPod 4th generation 8GB and 16GB model, we had posted some leaked pictures of the iPod 4th generation model earlier. In addition to that Apple has released the latest version of iTunes called Genius, which looks much better and has a lot of features.

Google Docs Updates: Adds Dictionary, Thesaurus and Table of Content Support


Google Docs the popular online document viewer and editor have added several new features including support for adding table of content, Thesaurus and Dictionary support, this is definitely good news for people who used bookmarklets or hacks to add these features into Google Docs.

Gmail Now Compatible With IE6

ie6-logo gmail_logo

The Gmail and IE6 team have worked together to make Gmail available for the most used browser Internet Explorer 6, though we advice our users to move to a better browser like Firefox or Opera instead of sticking with IE6.

Gmail Labs Adds 6 New Features

gmail-quote-selected-text  gmail-labs-default-reply-to-all gmail-vacationdates

Gmail Labs has added in new features to make things more interesting, including three new reply features which will allow you to make the reply to all a default button option, allowing you to set the time frame for the vacation response to be sent out in and quote selected text as a reply, which will add the text you select as a reply.

gmail-labs-customlabelcolors gmail-labs-drag-and-drop-navbar gmail-labs-go-to-label

In addition to the reply function, they have also added support for labels which will allow you to add custom colors to labels, drag and drop the navbar and rearrange it like you want, just like the iGoogle homepage and a nifty little option to go to any particular label, by typing it in rather than having to click on the label links.

Dropbox For Linux and Now Available to General Public


Dropbox the popular file sharing service has now opened up to public, which would mean that you do not need any invitation to use the service, they have also made extended their software to work on Linux based systems. Download Dropbox and follow the instructions to signup for a new account.

Google AdSense Reports in Google Analytics


Amit from Digital Inspiration has shared screenshots and shed some more light on the much awaited marriage of Google AdSense and Google Analytics, which will allow publishers to see more information on AdSense performance and clicks.


That sums up the news for the events for this week. Do you like the format of the roundups we do? Do you think we could improve here? Do let us know your thoughts.

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