iPhone Theme Maker, Google AdSense Below Post Titles, Comcast 250GB Bandwidth Caps, Website Dissector Quarkbase and More

Welcome to another roundup where we cover all the interesting news we could not write about over the week. It has been quite a interesting week though and there are lots of things to cover in this roundup.

iPhone Theme Maker


Who does not like themes? But finding a good theme is always hard, if not impossible. The iPhone Theme Maker on the other hand allows you to create your own personalized theme for the iPhone. The iPhone theme maker allows you to upload your own wallpaper, dock and statusbar and icons, along with allowing you to change the icons currently being used on your phone.

Google AdSense Policy Below Post Title


Quite some time back we had discussed a new policy Google AdSense rolled out where they discouraged publishers from adding Google AdSense Roundups,iphone themes,iphone,comcast,comcast bandwidth,quarkbase,shrinkfile,backups,online storage,google adsense