Google Desktop Is Faster, VLC Media Player 0.9.2, Google Audio Indexing, Adobe Air For Linux, Google Android and More

Google Desktop Is Faster, VLC Media Player 0.9.2, Google Audio Indexing, Adobe Air For Linux, Google Android and More

Welcome to another episode of of the latest news, we could not cover individually. This week has been pretty exciting so far, with lots of interesting news from across several software companies.

Google Desktop 5.8 Now Much Faster and Stable


We have been big fans of Google Desktop search, but had a few problems with performance at times. The Google Desktop team have been listening to our problems, and have released Google Desktop 5.8 which improves performance and makes it much faster and stable.

We have been running the latest version for few days, and definitely see a lot less memory and CPU resources being used. You can download the last Google Desktop to see for yourself.

VLC 0.9.2 Released with new interface and better codec support


Popular open source all-format media player VLC has released a new update build 0.9.2, this update has a new user interface for Windows, Mac and Linux. This version also has better support for codecs and supports playing videos from YouTube, Google Video and more online video sites. Download VLC 0.9.2 for your OS.

Google Labs Adds Audio Indexing Feature


Google has rolled out a new feature which will index audio files in addition to the support for text, images and flash. This is a definite good news for podcasters who rely more on audio than text. Previously Google had rolled out a Speech to text, video search gadget.

We are still looking to get support for video indexing, so that we can start webcasts and video tutorials on a more regular basis. Visit the Google Labs Audio Indexing to start searching.

Adobe Air Released for Linux


has finally been released for Linux systems, this would definitely see a huge increase in both Air users and application creators. We have been big fans of Adobe Air and have been using several applications including Tweetdeck for , Tumbleweed for Tumblr and more.

Google Android  Phone To Debut Soon

Google-AndroidTechCrunch reported that Google is planning to unleash the Android phone in mid October and yes it is not a iPhone. We expect the phone to be perfect to use for all Google services including email, maps, docs, calendar and more.

Watch a video demo of the Android Phone in action. [via]


Yammer: Twitter for Companies, wins TechCrunch50


Yammer a twitter-like solution for companies has bagged the top award at TechCrunch50. Yammer allows companies to create a private network and send messages to employees within a company, this definitely looks good and much faster than sending out emails.

That’s the roundup for this week, hope you enjoyed reading this roundup. Also we would love to get your feedbacks about the roundups we do, do leave your comments or fill up this small survey, your feedback will help us improve more.

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  • good to hear about google desktop. for a law student, that piece of software can be a lifesaver. any increased efficiency in its use is appreciated.

  • Wow! 10mil for the best application developer?
    Keith, come out with something will ya! We split the prize 1:9 :D

  • It’s definitely good to see that they are improving Google Desktop. I’ve tried to run it before, but had some issues with it.

  • jon

    I love the G1! Its pretty easy to use too! I saw there new clip with ben stein. check it out