Gmail Custom Colors, Multiple Inboxes In Gmail, Title Bar Tweaks, Location in Signature and Multi-Attachment & Progress Bars

Its been quite a while since we have covered any of the new features released in , and there are quite a few interesting features already been released, so here is a roundup of all the features that have been released in the past few weeks.

Gmail Custom Colors

Quite sometime back we had reported about Gmail themes, which allowed users to enhance the look and feel of , without the need to add any extensions or add-ons, however the Gmail developers have taken in a step further and announced the option for Gmail users to apply their custom colors to the theme.


To apply custom colors to your theme, click on the Settings link and click on Themes, scroll down till you see Choose your own colorsand select the colors you want to apply to your theme.

Multiple Inboxes in Gmail

Gmail is pretty much becoming a heavily used email service, however it also allows you to import emails from other email providers, using the POP and IMAP protocol, along with another feature which will allow you to import email from Free email services.

If you think that managing several inboxes in a single email account is a hassle, the Gmail Blog has a excellent tip that will make it easier to manage several email accounts with Multiple Inboxes.

Gmail Title Bar Tweaks

If you are someone who often visits Gmail just to check on unread emails, a new Gmail Labs feature called Title Tweaks will allow you to skip visiting the page over and over again.


The Title Tweaks feature allows you to display the unread email count in the title bar itself, so that you can take a quick glance at the title bar and know if any new mails have arrived in your inbox.

To activate the feature, visit Settings > Gmail Labs and activate the Title Tweaks feature.

Location in Signature

Another interesting feature from Gmail allows users to add their current location in their email signature, though there might be a bit of privacy concerns there, it is another feature which could be used to your advantage.

Multi-Attachment Select and Progress Bars

The latest feature to hit Gmail, is the ability to select multiple attachments at a time, and a new progress bar that will show you the upload process for the attachment.

multiselect_attachments attachment_progress_bars

Definitely useful since there are several times when you may want to send out more than one attachments, and adding them one by one is a definite pain.

What are the best Gmail Labs features you like? Would you like to see something more in Gmail? Do let us know about your views on them.

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