Best Of The Year: May 2007

May was one of the most productive months of the year for Techie Buzz. This month actually marked my return to active blogging. It actually started out in April when I was settling in the new environment in the United States.

Liz Strauss one of my best friends and mentor surprised me one fine day by asking me to write for Chitika’s 30 Days 30 Experts Blog Bash held back in April 2007. I was quite skeptical but eventually gave in and wrote the post What is this thing called a blog anyway? A Perspective from India.

This was where I got the kicks from to come back to blogging on a regular basis and I thank Liz for actually sparking that dead interest. If you see me blogging regularly today it is because of Liz and I want to thank her for that, She is the best. If you are listening Liz I apologize for any mistakes I made :-(.

The spark to blog grew in me again and I wrote a record 82 posts in May 2007. Yes from 1 post in April to 82 posts in May, this was the transition that happened to me. Of course most of it was the new enthusiasm that built up in me and I unleashed a lethal dose of posts on my readers.

If you thought that traffic would increase by writing 82 posts in a month you are in for a surprise it did grow but only to some extent and part of it had come from Chitika’s blog bash. If you are returning back to blogging you should definitely read my tips at Blogging Tips where I have written about Getting Out Of Blogging Block Or Whatever.

In that post I have stressed about not writing too many posts when you are returning back to blogging and as you see it has comes from my own experience.

This was also the month where I took the much needed plunge from Joomla to WordPress. Yes for almost a year I used Joomla :-(. In May I finally started using WordPress and wrote my own migration script to move all content from Joomla to WordPress. The move was quite smooth and I was enjoying using WordPress. I was a little miffed with commenting system since there was no option to reply from the admin panel. This led to the creation of my first plugin which is termed as one of the best my 1000s of bloggers. It is called Better Comments Manager.

Traffic Stats


  • Total page views: 16,289
  • Unique Visitors: 11,079
  • New Visitors: 88.06%
  • Average Time spent on Blog: 1 minute 17 seconds
  • Highest traffic day: May 29th with 600 visitors

Feed Stats

In May 2007 I had 170 Feed Subscribers who had subscribed to read using their feed reader.

Best Posts From The Month Of May 2007

Pondering back on the month of May there were actually quite a few interesting articles I had written but due to the haphazard way I had written it I lost out on lots of readers. Do continue reading my tips and tricks to make a successful blog on Blogging Tips. I write there every Monday so make sure you don’t miss them.

Better Comments Manager – WordPress Plugin release

Like I had said above my move from Joomla to WordPress happened in this month. I also started getting quite a few comments and replying to them was quite a pain. I tried to search for something that would allow me to reply to comments from within the admin panel but did not find any plugin to do that.

To ease the discomfort in replying to comments I developed a plugin for myself where I could reply to comments from within the admin panel. I experimented with it quite a lot and found that it saved me quite a lot of time.

That is when I decided to release my first plugin for the community and I did get quite a love from them. I definitely think this should be a part of the inbuilt WordPress core.

xplorer²- Explore your files with ease

In February I had covered about QTTabBar but once I discovered xplorer². Once I started using xplorer² I completely ditched QTTabBar as well as Windows Explorer. Till date I am still using xplorer² and term it as one of the best alternatives for Windows Explorer.

xplorer² adds a split pane view and also allows you to add tabs to individual panes. If you are not using it yet I definitely recommend this.

Fauxto, Photoshop lookalike photo editor online

If you want to get Photoshop like features for free online then Fauxto is the best alternative for you. Fauxto allows you to add layers to your images, crop them, resize them etc etc and all of this from the comfort of your browser without you having to install any additional software.

Desktop Software’s that keep me productive

There are quite a few desktop tools available but there are the top 5 tools I use no matter on what PC I am. This post was part of Probloggers Top 5 group writing project.

Create Flowcharts Easily Online with

If you are looking to create flowcharts you will have to use expensive tools like Visio, with this post I exposed one of the best and easiest way to create flowcharts online for free.

Tips on contacting Google AdSense support

Many AdSense publishers have problems at some point of time. In this post I listed out tips on how to contact Google AdSense support and get proper response over time.

Edit Pictures online using free picture editors

One of my favorite posts where I talked about free online picture editors. If you hate having to use a software to edit pictures you can pick from one of the alternatives provided and start editing your pictures online without having to pay a penny.

Best online storage services that are free

If you are looking for space to store your files and do not have the dough to buy a new hard drive this post talks about the free online storage services which allow you to upload files and access it from anywhere. You can easily share the uploaded files with friends and family.

If you are looking to get free online space be it 1GB, 5GB or 25GB you will get all the resources in this post.

How do I update my Firefox?

Many people do not find it easy updating their Firefox browser and one of my readers asked me a question on how to update Firefox to the latest version. This post details how users can easily update their Firefox browser to the latest version.

Flashback Views For May 2007

Well like you see there were quite a few interesting posts I had written in May but due to lack of proper guidance I was haphazard and wayward. These posts would have got much more attention If I had followed my own tips :-).

The experience I gained in this month was that writing tons of post cannnot gain you visitors, you have to focus on qualilty and then gradually move towards quantity.

The fact that I came out of some sort of a bloggers block to eventually start writing tons of posts was the biggest mistake I ever did. I do not regret it though but I just think that those posts could have been more popular if I had made an organized.

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