Best Of The Year: March 2007

In March I wrote lesser posts but the posts were more interesting than February 2007. I had a lot on my mind this month as I was going to fly down to US in a few days. The month was particularly quite scary for me as I was trying to focus on my dream and had lost connect with the world. Nevertheless I did get some time using which I wrote some interesting articles.

I will always remember March as the push I needed to get back into writing articles regularly. I won’t be covering April 2007 as this was the month I landed in the US and cut off from everything for the whole month.

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Best Posts From The Month Of March 2007 

Most Used Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows

I am keyboard junkie and rarely use the mouse to navigate around except for when I am using the Internet. This post listed out the most used keyboard shortcuts for Windows. I had earlier also covered keyboard shortcuts for launching applications and Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox keyboard shortcuts along with shortcuts to type URLs into the Address Bar. funny domain name

This was one domain name I came across which had the most funny name. wwwdotcom is the most common words that people use to spell out their domain names. Imagine yourself telling someone your domain name on a phone, www something dot com.

20 Most Used Greasemonkey Scripts

Greasemonkey is a great extension for Firefox which allows you to extend the capabilities of a site with your own scripts. There were quite a few popular Greasemonkey scripts but in this post I had come across some of most used Greasemonkey scripts., Make urls shorter

There were tons of URL shortening services but I had discovered another one that did the same thing. This post contained some instructions on shortening your URL using Peqno.

Give your brain some exercise

I was pretty stressed out at that time and I definitely needed something to give some much need exercise to my brain. This post was about one of the exercises I used to relax my brain.

Worlds 100 Oldest dot com domains

If you wondered which were the worlds oldest domain names you should head to this post as it tells you about the oldest domain names that were ever created. I wish I was there in those times to book the domain names, I would definitely have picked up all the top domain names :-).

Flashback Views For March 2007

Looking back March yielded lesser posts but I was only getting back into the groove and this was one of the factors that brought me back to blogging. I will always look back at March as something that revived the blogger in me.

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