Best Of The Year: June 2007
By on December 17th, 2007

In June I settled down and averaged 1 post a day. It also sent my creativity levels in WordPress to another level as I created my first WordPress theme and saw a increase in traffic from the last month.

There were a total of 31 posts I wrote in June and quite a few of them were quite interesting. Starting June I went eased into blogging and started focusing more on traffic and quality posts.

I also made a lot of friends during this month, many of them are the best in the blogging world. Internet friendship really started to seem interesting to me. Remember I was still trying to plough my way back and this month definitely helped me do that.

Traffic Stats


  • Total page views: 18,648
  • Unique Visitors: 13,275
  • New Visitors: 90.07%
  • Average Time spent on Blog: 59 seconds
  • Highest traffic day: June 19th with 535 visitors

Feed Stats

In June 2007 I had 167 Feed Subscribers who had subscribed to read using their feed reader.

Best Posts From The Month Of June 2007

I had written few interesting posts in June and the best of the interesting posts were related to how to’s. I really started giving more attention to how to posts from here.

How to: Create a customized toolbar for Firefox

Many people install multiple extension in Firefox and few of them come with their own toolbars which lead to clutter in and lesser screen real estate. This post talked about customizing the Firefox toolbar and also minimizing the clutter from using multiple extensions. If your Firefox toolbar looks like the screenshot below then it’s right time you read the article.

Add New Locations to Places Bar in File Dialogs

Don’t you get annoyed when you have to navigate to folders when opening files. I usually save images to a folder called Blog Pictures and it was always a pain to use Windows Explorer to go to that folder. With this cool utility you can add regularly used locations to the File Save / Open dialogs.

Save Images Easily and Quickly in Firefox

In the post above I had talked about adding most used locations to file dialogs, this post takes it a step further. You can easily save images without having to open a file dialog with the extensions listed in this post.

Find the right software for unknown file extensions

Ever come across a file extension that you do not know about? Want to find more information about it? This posts gives you detailed instructions on how to find out about unknown extensions and also which software you should use to view that file.

Remove yourself from the top commentators list

My move to WordPress was not futile I started using new extensions. One of them was Top Commentators. I was a bit annoyed when I myself was appearing in the top commentators list and saw to that I did not appear in it any more. This post was for the community so that they could do it for their own blog.

View html source for AJAX content with Firefox

Many a sites use the Web2.0 technology also called as AJAX. In plain old days users could view source for a page using the view source option for a browser. AJAX content being dynamic never showed up in the view source option. This post guided users to view source for AJAX pages using Firefox.

Fix PNG Alpha Transparency Issue in IE6

Well PNG aka Portable Network Graphics is not well supported in IE6. The issue is that if you create a transparent PNG file it will not be displayed properly in IE6. This post talks about overcoming the deficiency in the IE6 browser so that transparent  PNG images render properly in IE6 browsers.

Flashback Views For June 2007

June was a great month for me and I will definitely relish it for the friends I made online as well as the quality of posts I wrote. I tried to focus more on problems users faced with small things.

There was a definite increase in traffic from the previous month even though I had written much lesser posts.

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