Best Of The Year: June 2007

In June I settled down and averaged 1 post a day. It also sent my creativity levels in WordPress to another level as I created my first WordPress theme and saw a increase in traffic from the last month.

There were a total of 31 posts I wrote in June and quite a few of them were quite interesting. Starting June I went eased into blogging and started focusing more on traffic and quality posts.

I also made a lot of friends during this month, many of them are the best in the blogging world. Internet friendship really started to seem interesting to me. Remember I was still trying to plough my way back and this month definitely helped me do that.

Traffic Stats


  • Total page views: 18,648
  • Unique Visitors: 13,275
  • New Visitors: 90.07%
  • Average Time spent on Blog: 59 seconds
  • Highest traffic day: June 19th with 535 visitors

Feed Stats

In June 2007 I had 167 Feed Subscribers who had subscribed to read using their feed reader.

Best Posts From The Month Of June 2007

I had written few interesting posts in June and the best of the interesting posts were related to how to’s. I really started giving more attention to how to posts from here.

Flashback, The Year That Was, June 2007