Best Of The Year: July 2007
By on December 20th, 2007

One of the most modest months after me returning to blogging, July saw me using my creative juices to maximum effect. I did not have much posts in July but those cannot be attributed to a bloggers block or whatever. The reason I did not blog much was because I was creating what is termed as the plugin of the year by 1000s of blog.

Looking back I was always against time users spent to update free softwares. Well if you don’t, you can be hacked this was what happened at Kyle’s Blog. The plugin that I created was part of a competition at Weblog Tools Collection where I participated and won the third prize.

This plugin I created called WordPress Automatic Upgrade allows you to automatically upgrade your WordPress installation without you having to do anything except for clicking on mouse buttons.

The plugin also has a Automated Version where you just sit back and enjoy after clicking once and WPAU will take care of the rest. It was all thanks to Ronald Huereca. I spent most of my time on the plugin in July and was unable to write much posts.

Traffic Stats


  • Total page views: 17,686
  • Unique Visitors: 12,995
  • New Visitors: 89.15%
  • Average Time spent on Blog: 1 minutes and 20 seconds
  • Highest traffic day: July 26th with 617 visitors

Feed Stats

In July 2007 I had 220 Feed Subscribers who had subscribed to read using their feed reader.

Best Posts From The Month Of July 2007 

Cool facts about alphabets and numbers

If you think alphabets and numbers amaze you. Here is a post that how ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’ & ‘d’ are not part of the numbering format when written using characters.

WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin

The biggest and best plugin I created, not the last by any means but this plugin means a lot to me as not only did it simplify upgrading my own WordPress installation, it was useful to lot of people from the community.

I always try out whatever plugin I create so that I may not have to spoil someone else’s. But there are chances that the plugins that I create may not work with your blog and I am extremely sorry about that. It’s a part of creating softwares. Just remember one thing "Everything does not work for Everyone".

FlashBack to July 2007

I didn’t spend much time posting in this month but rather spend time for the community. I do not regret it as the plugin I created is used by 1000s of users across the world and is the least I could do for the community. When I say least I mean that there are quite a few more plugins that will be released shortly and will add more functionality to your blogs.

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