Best Of The Year: February 2007

It has been a great year and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting back to blogging after a six months sabbatical I took to achieve my dreams. It’s that time of the year where we look back at the past and laugh about the good things and get sad about the bad. Here at Techie Buzz in the coming few days we will look at the best posts over the last 12 months and relive them once again.

Well I am skipping January and April as due to my sabbatical I had not written any posts. But starting with the month of February looking back I see a few interesting things that I had talked about.

Traffic Stats


Back then in Feb 2007 I had a very small amount of users who would visit the blog and read it.

  • Total page views: 8,970
  • Unique Visitors: 7,583
  • New Visitors: 90.90%
  • Average Time spent on Blog: 45 seconds
  • Highest traffic day: February 20th with 340 visitors

Feed Stats

In February 2007 I had 76 Feed Subscribers who had subscribed to read using their feed reader.

Best Posts From The Month Of February 2007 

Flashback, The Year That Was, February 2007