WordPress 3.2 Beta 1 Review – Features, Screenshot Walkthrough

The WordPress team started planning for WordPress 3.2 back in March and released WordPress 3.2 beta last week. I spend some time playing around with the next generation of WordPress to see what is new with it.

Here is a review of WordPress 3.2 and a list of the new features that you will be using when the final version comes out. Please note that WordPress 3.2 will require PHP 5.2.4 and  MySQL 5.0, so you might have to upgrade your server software or ask your hosting provider to do it for you.

Important Note: This is a beta version of WordPress, don’t install it on a production server.

New Admin Interface

WordPress 3.2 Admin Interface

WordPress 3.2 has a refreshed admin interface which does away with the curved corners and cuts down on the space used between the menus.

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  • Al

    The only advantage for me is the distraction free writing option. The extra options for fast blogging, Tumblr like, are nice, but require the new theme which is in fact just another wordpress theme. My visitors are not waiting for a huge header, having to scroll down immediately to be able to read my last posts. Also, still 25 percent of my visitors come from libraries and schools, where the old browser IE6 still is in use, I simply cannot say that my website is friendly for the people interested in my work. I have been testing all the beta and nightly built releases and now I feel I should downgrade to version 3.0.

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