Review: Woopra Analytics Rocks [5 Woopra Invites Giveaway]
By on August 31st, 2008

We have been using Woopra for some time now, and must say that we are in awe with it. There are several new and exciting features in Woopra, which a normal analytics does not provide users with.

One of the best features of Woopra is the ability to allow you to chat with any visitor from your dashboard. Woopra also provides users with the best live analysis for traffic to your website.


Thanks to the good folks at Woopra, we have 5 Woopra invites to be given away, stay tuned till the end of the post to know, how you can win your invite.

Woopra provides you with a desktop based software using which you can track all the live visitors to your website, the analytics is real time.

Woopra Dashboard

Woopra Dashboard provides you with a comprehensive view of the analytics and includes Daily and Hourly visitors, top content, top referrers, search keywords and queries, along with a geographical view of the countries your visitors came from.


Woopra Scroller

Woopra runs a scroller in the statusbar which provides you with total number of visitors, new visits, page views, page views per visit and average time spent on the site. This information is available at all times, making it easy for you to track the basic statistics of your site.

Live Analytics

Woopra brings a unique twist to analytics, where they allow you to track visits as they happen, no time lag, no waiting period, you can view details of your visitors as soon as they enter your website.


Live One-Click Chat

One of the best features about Woopra is the ability to have a live one-to-one chat with your visitors. Check out the video below, on how you can use the one-click chat feature to interact with your visitors.

Visitor and Member Tagging

Woopra provides users with a tagging system, that will allow you to track your registered or loyal readers who leave a comment on your blog. With tags you can easily see, which pages a user visited and their activities.

Event Alerts / Real time Notifications

Woopra provides you with a feature where you can track certain events on your websites, the events could include a visitor, who is visiting a particular page. Notifications can alert webmasters to specific users, IP addresses, search terms, languages, countries, browsers, specific pages, and more. Specific client visits, special events (sales or ad clicks), and other important actions become instantly actionable.

There are tons of other features, you can read more about them at the Woopra Feature descriptions page.

5 Woopra Invite Giveaway Competition

At this point, Woopra is a invite only service, to start tracking your website, you will need to get approved by Woopra or use a invite code for instant acceptance. The folks at Woopra have been kind enough to give 5 Woopra invites to be distributed among Techie Buzz readers.

To giveaway those invites we are holding a small competition which will run till September 10th, winners of the invites will be disclosed on September 11th.

Competition Details

To be eligible for winning a Woopra invite, you can:

  • For 15 points: Write a post on your blog about this competition with a link back to this page and a link to the main site, please leave a link to your post in the comments.
  • For 5 points: Stumble and Review this post on StumbleUpon, leave your SU id in the comments, after you have done that.
  • For 5 points: Bookmark this post on Delicious, and leave your delicious id in the comments.
  • For 5 points: Subscribe to our email newsletter, and leave a comment with the email you subscribed with.

The competition ends on 10th September at midnight EST. The higher your points, the higher your chances of winning a invite.

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