System Mechanic 10.8 Review And Giveaway


So the big question: how does it perform? I installed System Mechanic on my 1.5 year old HP Envy running on Windows 7 laptop. I’ve never run any sort of ‘performance tuning’ utility on this and my system was littered with install of Eclipse, Visual Studio, Steam and a whole bunch of games. My system would take nearly 2 minutes to boot (by “boot”, I mean start of Windows logo to a usable desktop, not login screen). After running System Mechanic’s automated wizard, the boot time reduced to 45 seconds – which is quite remarkable.

With an easy to use interface, 1-click maintenance and undo functionality and extensive customization features, System Mechanic is quite a comprehensive tool for monitoring, diagnosing and improve your system performance and is highly recommended.

System Mechanic can be purchased from Iolo’s website for $49.95 and is well worth the price especially when you consider the fact that the latest version is compatible with Windows 8 and can be installed on all your home systems.


If you’ve read till here, you’ll be happy to know that Iolo has graciously provided us with three, 1-year license of System Mechanic 10.8. All you have to do to enter this giveway is

  • Either tweet about this giveaway or share it on facebook and
  • post a comment mentioning the funniest methods people have taken to keep their systems clean, along with the twitter/facebook status link.

The giveaway will run for 3 days and 3 random winners will be informed via email on June 21, 2012.

So, all the best and bring forward those entries!




Congrats to Dhul, Ashwin & Quốc for winning the giveaway! I have sent you guys an email with the instructions on how to install System Mechanic.

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