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iOS’s iBooks comes with a built-in PDF viewer which does the basics, but what if the user wanted to do more than just view a PDF on their iPad? Well, now there’s a fantastic iPad app for that! The entire app is well thought out, feature rich, and offers a clean and easy to use user interface.

Let’s start off by talking about the app as just a standalone PDF reader. Since the app is feature rich, it offers much more functionality than the built-in PDF reader into iBooks. Readdle’s PDF Expert’s navigation options are much better, including a search for text feature. The search option is something iBooks lacks in my opinion. Also, the app supports chapter lists, bookmarks, and a page scroll feature at the bottom which allows you to quickly browse to a specific page, or skip pages.

PDF Expert for iPad

PDF Expert for iPad 2

The best part about this app is all the multiple notation options and the variety with which you can edit the text. You can freehand highlight text, but you also have the option of selecting block of text to highlight them the color of your choice as well. In addition, you can underline the text, strike-through, or even copy selected text.

Now you might be wondering how you can share and manage the PDFs you edit between a PC/Mac and iPad. Luckily, the app offers support for iDisk, Drobox, Google Docs, and many other services. There’s also an option to share via USB & iTunes File Sharing. Readdle also offer its own online storage, and your “free” account is included in the purchase of your app.

In the end I would suggest, if you are looking for a feature rich PDF viewer app for the iPad, then consider purchasing this app. Compared to other PDF readers at the same price, PDF Expert definitely wins hands down. You can download PDF Expert from the App Store for $9.99.

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