Review: Powerbag Backpack

Review: Powerbag Backpack

Last week, I attended CES for the first time and during my time there I was using a Powerbag backpack to keep all my devices charged. You can read what my first experience was like here. The Powerbag is a bag with a battery inside. They have got three different types (backpack, messenger, and briefcase) and a variety of models to choose from. Powerbag sent me their backpack for review, which is designed by fül. In fact, majority of their backpacks and messenger bags are designed by them.

The bag looks a bit bulky and is not the most elegant looking of backpacks, but I didn’t mind. However, from a budget perspective this backpack is definitely well priced. There are two main pockets in the back for storing your items. The largest pocket can hold up to a 16-inch laptop and it is padded on either side. The second largest pocket, has a variety of smaller pockets, a padded slot for an iPad or small tablet and a 3000 mAh battery.

In order to charge your device, you must use one of the included cables found in a small pouch located on the side of the bag. The backpack comes with a 30-pin plug for all iOS devices and two double ended micro/mini-USB plugs. Charging your devices is simple. Once you connect the device, you just press the Powerbag button, which is located on the front of the bag. Press it and it will light up to 4 LED lights hidden beneath the bag’s exterior to show how much remaining charge there is in the battery. A pretty cool feature  built into the battery is that it will automatically stop charging your devices once they are fully charged. Essentially, it is “smart” battery. In addition, the battery will automatically turn off once you remove your device, ensuring that you don’t accidentally drain it.

The battery locks into place, though it can be released by pushing on a small plastic tab. Included is an AC pack that can plug directly into the battery or connect to a port on the face of the bag for charging. Also, a USB port is built into the battery itself for other devices. During my test during CES, I was able to charge my iPhone 4S four times to full capacity from a charge of 10%, which is pretty darn good considering that the battery’s capacity is only 3000mAh.

Build quality of the Powerbag Backpack is fantastic. Zippers open and close smoothly and padding is offered on the back and suspension straps. However, it should be mentioned again that this isn’t one of the most elegant looking backpacks out there. With that being said, for the reasonable price and fantastic build quality this backpack is definitely worth a purchase if you want backup power on the go for your devices. You can purchase a Powerbag for $130 here.

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