Review: MOBiLe Cloth

At one point, I used to use screen protectors on all of my iOS devices, but then a few months after I discovered microfiber cloths and haven’t used a screen protector since then. Recently, I have been using the MOBiLe Cloth, which does a fantastic job at keeping your screen clean.

Mobile Cloth 2

These cleaning cloths retail from in a variety of packages ranging from $6.99 to $95.99. Since these are cleaning cloths, using them is easy. Take one out of the package, unfold it (or leave it folded), and then wipe down your touch screen device with it.

The cloths are phenomenal. Even though these are just microfiber cloths, they have got to be the best ones I have used to date. The moment you take them out of the packaging, they are ready to use and collect no extra dust! After cleaning my screen with it, the screen felt incredible and really smooth. I’m not really sure about the technology behind this cloth, but it works like magic.

According to the company, the cloth removes up to 98% of germs with no chemicals. The MOBiLE CLOTH of course is not restricted to iOS devices only. Anything, touch or non-touch screen, can be cleaned with these cloths.

MOBiLE CLOTH has reasonable prices, and is worth the purchase without a doubt. You can find them on MC’s website here.


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