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Recently, I purchased Apple’s iPod nano, but not for the usual purpose; music player. I bought it to use as a watch (aka: iWatch). Just days after the 6th generation iPod nano was announced, many companies started to realize that it would make a perfect watch. LunaTik is a watchband for your iPod nano. It is probably the best one I have seen to date. The LunaTik comes in a simple, but very well designed packaging showing the product on the front and a larger view of it on the back. Inside LunaTik’s box, you will find two Allen wrenches for installation of the iPod nano.

The LunaTik’s band is very thick and is made out of high quality silicone with plenty of adjustment holes to allow a precise fit. The finish of the hinge pins and buckle is stainless steel with a brushed finish, which makes it look and feel really nice. LunaTik’s body is made out of aluminum with a matte finish. The Nano is installed inside it by using the included Allen wrenches to take the case apart and slide the iPod nano inside. Installation was simple and the fit is secure. In addition, the LunaTik allows the dock connector and headphone jack to be positioned either to the right of left. In the end, the result is an elegant looking iWatch.The only con with the LunaTik is that it isn’t easy to remove your iPod nano from the case if needed. This is because Allen wrenches are needed to unscrew the screws, which takes a while.


At first, I thought that wearing an iPod nano on my wrist would be an impractical idea, but in use my opinion quickly changed. My iWatch’sbattery lasted for 18 days, which is pretty amazing. The combination of a touchscreen iPod with a wristband is genius and has a futuristic feel to it! It seems to catch a lot of people’s attention everywhere I go. The LunaTik is available for purchase in many colors and costs $79.95.

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