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Dbrand Skins

I love the iPhone’s design. With its sleek aluminium curves and glass front and back, I’m always a bit worried about scratching it when laying it down on a table or throwing it in my messenger bag. Because of this, I wanted to protect my iPhone with a thin skin that would add a bit of style to my iPhone without adding any bulk. That’s when I reached out to dbrand, an up and coming iPhone skin manufacturer. They agreed that I had to try their product and sent me a couple review samples over: one for my iPhone 4S  and one for my PS Vita.

To begin, the dbrand skins are made from a high quality, textured material made by 3M. dbrand offers a ton of different types of textures, from titanium to carbon fiber to a faux leather. You can also choose from many different colors as well. And since the dbrand skins cover the back, front and sides of your device, you can choose different colors and textures for each piece.

The skins can be applied pretty easily on the iPhone 4S while the PS Vita skin took a bit of time to align correctly. The whole process for applying both types of skin took around 10 minutes to get everything lined up correctly. Removing the skin is easy and leaves virtually no residue on your device. The skin can be reapplied a few times without issues.

The skin itself is extremely durable. After using the skins for just over a month, I’ve found that that they hold up really well. For instance, I’m currently using the white carbon fiber skins on my iPhone 4S and haven’t noticed any staining or scratching on the skin itself. I have also reapplied the skin twice while switching between cases and it hasn’t lost any of it’s tackiness. To me, these qualities show that the dbrand skins are very well built and can be used for months on end.

Pricing on the dbrand skins is a bit steep for my liking. The dbrand skins for the iPhone 4/4S currently cost $25 per set, which includes both a rear and side shield. I think that dbrand should either moderately lower the price of the skins or possibly include a screen shielding kit with every dbrand set.

All in all I can definitely recommend the dbrand skins for either the PS Vita or iPhone. And with so many colors and textures, you’ll love your dbrand skins. If you want to pick up a set for yourself, head over to dbrand’s website.

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