Review: Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac

Currently, I’m using an Apple Wireless Keyboard to type on a daily basis, but recently the folks at Das Keyboard sent me their brand new “Model S Professional for Mac”. So, I used that one for a few weeks instead. Here’s my review:


Within seconds after unboxing the keyboard, it was ready to use! There was no installation required. My MacBook Air, running OS X Lion, detected everything instantly. The keyboard has two USB cables, one enables the keyboard component and the other for the USB hub. Das Keyboard has two USB ports on the side, which is neat. The two ports on the right side are easy to access and great for connecting your USB devices.

Das Keyboard for MacDesign and Look:

This particular model has a minimalistic look. In addition, it doesn’t have any extra text, icons, or stickers other than the company’s name. I really like this because it provides the user with a distraction free typing experience. Unlike my Apple Bluetooth Wireless keyboard, this keyboard weighs a lot so it won’t move around on your desk at all. Also, the keys have a glossy look to it, which makes the keyboard look extremely nice. Das Keyboard claims that each key can handle about 50 million strokes before it wears out. Another thing I really like about the keyboard is the noise it makes while typing, but it should be mentioned that it is extremely loud.

I found the keyboard easy to type on, but it did take awhile to get used to it. Also, it should be noted that they keyboard is extremely loud.

Media keys:

A particular addition that I really like in the keyboard are the media keys. They are easily accessible by pressing the “Fn” key in combination with the corresponding Function key.  On the keyboard, there are keys for lowering the volume, increasing the volume, mute, play/pause, stop, previous track, and next track. They worked great with iTunes and Rdio (a music streaming service). It should also be mentioned that no additional software was required to use these buttons, which was great.

Bottom Line:

If you can justify $130 for a keyboard, then I’d highly suggest checking this keyboard out.  You can purchase one here.

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  • You mean to tell me due to the LACK of them printing distractions on a keyboard, the less work the manufacture had to do to produce the unit, enables them to charge $130 for it? “Hey look at me boss, Im sitting here doing nothing I need a pay increase. Almost as good as the phone companies charging you for them to NOT print your name in the phone book. ahahahhaha what a world we live in.

  • Tony Wong

    People are so ignorant, the reason this keyboard is expensive is due to the mechanical switches built into them. These switches provide a much nicer typing experience, and last around 5-10 times longer than standard keyboards. This is the reason that they are louder (which to some, is a feature). These things are really solidly built, keyboards nowadays all use rubber membrane switches, which feel mushy and unresponsive.

  • lauri

    funny typical apple fag review… usability and practical purposes are absolutely irrelevant… main comments are for shininess and glossyness :D

  • The Sorcerer

    “Within seconds after unboxing the keyboard, it was ready to use!”