Review: CableDrop

Earlier this week, I reviewed the Bluelounge‘s CableBox. It is an accessory that helps keep wires on your desk organized. Today, I will be reviewing Bluelounge‘s CableDrop. The accessory is meant for cables, but for an entire different purpose. On my desk, there are endless amount of USB cables and power cables! These wires become tangles behind my desk and where the space is needed most. Thankfully, CableDrop’s is an easy to use solution. CableDrop is a multipurpose cable clip for anywhere use.

CableDrop Top

I think, one of the largest benefit of the CableDrop is that they are tiny and fit anywhere from behind a desk, on a table edge, etc. Genius. Inserting cables into CableDrop is easy. It prevents your cables from falling to the ground every time you disconnect a device (ex: iPhone, iPad).


In addition, CableDrop is super simple to setup. It comes with a peel and stick backing with you stick wherever you want to. The only con is that no extra adhesive backings is provided. So, if you decide to change the placement of the CableDrop later, you’ll have to hope it sticks again or find an alternative.

CableDrop is  available in both bright and muted colors and are sold in packs of six. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to clean up the wires on their desk.

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