Review: Bluelounge CableBox

When you have a lot of wires on and around your desk, it is painful to keep them organized. It is something I have always avoided doing, but thanks to Bluelounge’s CableBox there is an easy fix. Bluelounge has created a box called CableBoxthat allows you to easily store both power-strip, and excess wires that accompany it. Genius I tell you! That way, you can simply tie all the wires exiting through the box into a single, organized line of wire. In addition, the CableBox is beautiful.


There are two versions of the CableBox. The CableBox and CableBox Mini. As you can guess, the Mini isn’t as big as the CableBox. CableBox is pretty huge measuring at 15.6 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 5.3 inches tall. Without a doubt, it was able to hold my large power-strip and swarm of cables. My setup isn’t large, but I do have a lot of wires, and they all easily work with this box. It is like magic!

CableBox wires

In conclusion, the CableBox is simple to setup and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to get rid of the cable clutter on their desk. This is a fantastic way to hide all of your wires and make any desk look spectacular. $30 does seem pricy for a plastic box, however.

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