OS X Lion: A User’s Review

Lion: An Upgrade Worth Your Time (and Money)

So there you have it, a user’s review of the major features of OS X Lion. Most of them are excellent, some are just good, and one is down right ugly. They make your life easier, faster, and, in some cases, more expensive. My experience with Lion so far has been really positive, and I am happy to say that. When Apple announced Lion, I was uneasy about changing the way I work with my computer so much, but now I am more than satisfied.

Overall, I think that Lion is fantastic for the user and the platform. While some of the feature may take some time to get used to, most of them are really intuitive. Everything is implemented with a little bit of that Apple polish that macs you feel like an all-star. On top of everything else, you get it for only $30, and you don’t even have to drive anywhere.

My only real issues with Lion are the fact that Apple expects every users to upgrade  their  machine every year, and that al the great features aren’t in every app. The first one isn’t really anything wrong with Lion so much as an issue I take with Apple. The second one isn’t Apple’s fault as much as the developers of the apps I use.

If you haven’t upgraded yet, I highly recommend you do as soon as you are able.

Application: OS X Lion
Developer: Apple
Price: $30 in the Mac App Store
Score: 5/5 – A fantastic set of changes to an already amazing operating system. Highly recommended.

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Tony Price

Tony A. Price is a Nutrition and Dietetics Student from Louisiana in the United States. He has a deep passion for high end technology, mobile devices and applications, Mac hardware and software, and video gaming. His website is Tony's Brain, his Twitter handle is @TonyAllenPrice and you can follow him on Google+.

  • carlos

    JA ja, typical apple fanboy Editor, only they can put 5 out of 5, we will

  • “While I don’t know if they were the first, Apple’s iOS is certainly the most easily recognized. With the update to iOS 4, they changed the way we organize our apps on our devices. Their folders system is still one of the best in mobile, and they have brought that entire experience to the Mac.”

    This is utter bull ! You’re not an unbiased objective editor therefore this is NOT a review but only a lengthy ad.

  • Tony

    What a bullshit review, OS X Lion is so damn buggy it has to be rebooted just to get the WIFI back.. half of the safari extension doesn’t work as it use to be. Sounds like you still need to finish up Uni..cos for haven’t sake I’b in IT for 30 years and this is the worst upgrade Apple ever brought out.