OS X Lion: A User’s Review

So that is what I find really good about Lion. However, there is one major that Apple has made that is a little less exciting. t seems down right stupid to me, but I am not in charge of what Apple does with their OS. I suppose it has to fall into that umbrella that Apple has taken up recently. You know the one that says “lose a few, gain a million?”

Rosetta: Alienating Old Users

While its not as popular as it once was, there are some users that are up in arms over the fact that Apple has removed all the Rosetta code from OS X with the update to Lion. In case you are unaware, Rosetta was the application code that allowed Intel-based Macs to run programs designs for Power-PC based Macs. While that may not sound very exciting, it was really important to users who bought Macs a while ago, and have managed to resist the urge to upgrade.

While I understand the idea, I don’t really agree with Apple’s thinking on this particular change. I don’t feel like its fair to alienate customers, or force them to buy new machines, just because you want them to upgrade. It wouldn’t surprise me if Apple lost some customers to the Windows-based PC manufacturers over this particular change.

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