OS X Lion: A User’s Review

Misson Control: See All Your Apps

One of the biggest user experience changes that Apple has made with Lion is that Apps don’t really close unless you tell them to do so. While that was partially the case with Snow Leopard to an extent, its much more obvious in Lion. Of course, this means that you will be running a larger amount of windows than you previously did. When you combine that with full screen apps, you could easily get confused about whats running and where it is.

Apple thought about these issues, and their response is Mission Control. While I think the obvious space theme is getting a little stale, Mission Control is a view I am using all the time. If you are a previous Mac OS X user, then you will see quickly that Mission Control is a mixture of Spaces and Expose. If those names don’t mean anything to you, I will help you figure out what Mission Control is and why you should make use of it.

Mission Control gives you a one screen view of what is running on your Mac. It will show you all your desktops, your apps (both full screen and not), and even your Dashboard widgets. It allows you to switch to any application open on your current desktop, to another desktop, or even to the Dashboard. It also has a great multitouch gesture (four finger scroll) for easy access.

I find that Mission Control gives me the best app management I have ever experienced on a computer. Since I run so many apps at a time, its easier to pull up MC and find what I want then it is to dig through windows, or even dock icons. However, if you aren’t running more than just a web browser, you may not feel the need to use Mission Control. I still feel like its worth checking out.

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  • carlos

    JA ja, typical apple fanboy Editor, only they can put 5 out of 5, we will

  • “While I don’t know if they were the first, Apple’s iOS is certainly the most easily recognized. With the update to iOS 4, they changed the way we organize our apps on our devices. Their folders system is still one of the best in mobile, and they have brought that entire experience to the Mac.”

    This is utter bull ! You’re not an unbiased objective editor therefore this is NOT a review but only a lengthy ad.

  • Tony

    What a bullshit review, OS X Lion is so damn buggy it has to be rebooted just to get the WIFI back.. half of the safari extension doesn’t work as it use to be. Sounds like you still need to finish up Uni..cos for haven’t sake I’b in IT for 30 years and this is the worst upgrade Apple ever brought out.