OS X Lion: A User’s Review

Multi-Touch Gestures: Changing User Interaction

As wonderful as I think the full screen apps in Lion are, they would be useless to me if it wasn’t for the Multitouch Gestures. While I have to admit that the “natural scrolling” was strange at first, I am now completely sold on it and the other gestures. My use of full screen apps has led me to use the four finger swipe all the time, and it is starting to feel very natural. I also enjoy the ability to launch other apps using it, like Mission Control or Launchpad.

My issue with these multitouch gestures are that they, like the full screen mode, have not been as well integrated into some of my apps as they have in others. For instance, Google Chrome is still having some issues getting the back and forward gestures right. They work perfectly in Safari, but that is not my browser of choice. This isn’t an issue with Lion, however.

Launchpad: iOS Style App Sorting

When you look at the smart phone market, its obvious that the organization of applications stems from a central source. While I don’t know if they were the first, Apple’s iOS is certainly the most easily recognized. With the update to iOS 4, they changed the way we organize our apps on our devices. Their folders system is still one of the best in mobile, and they have brought that entire experience to the Mac.

Launchpad is the name that Apple has given to their new app organization system. While you can get to it from the dock icon, I find it easier to do a five finger pinch on my trackpad. I have started to try and use Launchpad to get to my apps, but old habits are hard to break.

I fell in love with both the app stack and an app called Alfred. Both of those have become my natural response to trying to find an app I don’t keep on my dock. However, I am really attracted to the idea of better organizing my apps using iOS style folders. I am going to finish organizing them and see if I use it more.

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