Norton 360 Antivirus Review


Norton 360 comes with a fairly basic backup solution. The backup section allows you to categorize your backups to different “sets” and further customize them. You can set a specific schedule for each set. You can schedule for a daily, weekly, monthly schedule. Alternatively, you can also set it to an automatic schedule in which case, Norton will start a backup whenever your computer is idle. You can set the destination for backup to be as other drives or to Norton’s Cloud Storage which offers up to 2GB of extra space. Additional space can be purchased as and when required.

Norton Backup

Having said that, Norton’s Backup solution cannot perform sync — neither can it perform incremental backups. Also, though the backup can setup individual file inclusion/exclusion — you cannot set exclusions based on extensions or wildcards. I do hope this gets rectified soon.

 PC  Tuneup

The final section deals with small tools aiming to  tweak your system performance. This section allows you to perform disk defragmentation, remove unwanted files, clear out junk from starting along with your system and view diagnostic reports.

Though the tuneup includes a “File Cleanup”, the tool can only clear out temporary files created by Windows & Internet Explorer — no Registry cleaners or even a basic cleanup the Recycle Bin routine. The Startup manager fares much better — highlighting which applications start up with your Windows installation and their relative use within the Norton 360 community.

Norton Startup Manager

The Startup Manager also borrows Soluto’s “Delayed start” feature, which delays the start of programs till your system is idle.


Norton 360 comes with a unique Performance tab – click on it and watch Norton flip over to performance section. The performance section records all installations, threat alerts, and performance notifications since the time you installed Norton. Clicking on the respective icons allows to pull up details the notification.

Norton 360 Performance

Norton 360 Performance

Norton also allows you to check for ratings of individual files; so if you think a particular file is suspicious, you can check up the rating of the particular file and see if the community trusts the file. You can also mark a particular file as trusted to improve the reputation.


Norton was once infamous for it’s poor performance — so much so people would rather not use anti virus than use Norton. With the recent versions, Norton’s performance has improved by quite a lot. Norton 360 v6.0 continues this, and quite fast. There was no noticeable drop in performance, even when playing performance heavy games or web browsing with loads of tabs and windows open. The real-time antivirus engine performed well and detected injected files within compressed archives and even obfuscated in DLL files.

Norton 360 retails at ₹3,085 for a year’s subscription and for up to 3 PCs. Considering the features that are available, the ease of use of the application and quick performance, Norton 360 is worth the price.

If you’re on the lookout for a complete Internet security suite which is both easy to use & offers deep configuration and customization for multiple devices, Norton 360 will suit you well.


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  • Do you know if Norton Antivirus works for Mac and also is it even necessary on a Mac. I recently got a Mac and keep hearing that Mac’s never get viruses, etc. Do you know if this is true or not. I would like to be secure as possible. Thanks.

  • Good to know about the Norton 360 Antivirus Review.I am already using Comodo Anti Virus Software.It is really good and safe.