Keep Your Important Files Synced With SugarSync [Free 30GB Account Giveaways]

Here at Techie Buzz we have always talked about the different ways to backup your important files and blogs, we have also talked about some important steps you should do before throwing away your Old PC earlier and ten things you should do after re-installing your OS.

To sum it up we are actually very paranoid about losing our files and always ensure we have regular backups. That said it is not always a joy to backup files manually and having a system where our files would automatically sync up with a online storage place is a joy to have.

SugarSync brings a huge relief to us with regards to backing up and syncing our files with a online storage. With a small piece of software running in the background you can easily sync up your files with SugarSync online storage without having to do it manually.

What Is SugarSync?

SugarSync is a multi platform computer syncing software that will allow you to sync your files to a remote server and access it from any web browser or even your phone.


SugarSync performs automatic online backups of your files while running in the background.

What Devices Can be Used with SugarSync?

The one feature I liked with SugarSync is the availability to sync between different platforms. So it does not matter if you are using Windows or Mac, with SugarSync you can easily sync up files between both the operating systems.


In addition to that you can also access your backed up files from anywhere in the world using a web browser.

And if you are on the move you can connect to your files using your mobile device.

How Does SugarSync Work For Windows and Mac?

In order to use SugarSync you need to first SugarSync,Sync Files,Backup Files,Backup,SugarSync Review