Keep Your Important Files Synced With SugarSync [Free 30GB Account Giveaways]
By on June 5th, 2008

Here at Techie Buzz we have always talked about the different ways to backup your important files and blogs, we have also talked about some important steps you should do before throwing away your Old PC earlier and ten things you should do after re-installing your OS.

To sum it up we are actually very paranoid about losing our files and always ensure we have regular backups. That said it is not always a joy to backup files manually and having a system where our files would automatically sync up with a online storage place is a joy to have.

SugarSync brings a huge relief to us with regards to backing up and syncing our files with a online storage. With a small piece of software running in the background you can easily sync up your files with SugarSync online storage without having to do it manually.

What Is SugarSync?

SugarSync is a multi platform computer syncing software that will allow you to sync your files to a remote server and access it from any web browser or even your phone.


SugarSync performs automatic online backups of your files while running in the background.

What Devices Can be Used with SugarSync?

The one feature I liked with SugarSync is the availability to sync between different platforms. So it does not matter if you are using Windows or Mac, with SugarSync you can easily sync up files between both the operating systems.


In addition to that you can also access your backed up files from anywhere in the world using a web browser.

And if you are on the move you can connect to your files using your mobile device.

How Does SugarSync Work For Windows and Mac?

In order to use SugarSync you need to first signup for a free trial of 45 days which will give you access to 10GB of online space. The email you signup with is important for our giveaway so stay tuned on how you can get free 30GB subscription for a year which costs you $49.99 yearly.

After you have signed up and confirmed your account you will need to download the appropriate software for you operating system.


After downloading you will need to install the software before being able to use it, you can follow some handy instructions for that.

Once everything is setup login to SugarSync using the email you registered with. After successful login you should be able to choose files to sync up with your SugarSync account.

You can of course choose which files and folders you want to sync up with SugarSync and add additional folders from your drive to be synced up.


Once you have selected the files and folders SugarSync will automatically start syncing them up with your online storage space. Closing the main window will not stop the synching process, it will continue running in the background.

You may need to wait for the some time before you can start accessing your files in your online storage the first time.

Accessing your Backed up Files in SugarSync

Accessing your files is a piece of cake, you can either use the software itself or use other ways we had discussed earlier.

Accessing Using Web Browsers and Phones

With SugarSync you can easily access your backed up files using any modern web browser.

To access you files visit the SugarSync website and login with your credentials and you should be able to access your files from anywhere.


SugarSync also automatically detects you images and makes it available to you in a Photo Gallery from where you can easily share it with your friends and family.

You can also upload a file right from the web interface and have it synced up with your PC later. If you want to send multiple files at once you can use the Zip feature which will create archives from the files you select.

You can also access your files using your mobile device and view and share photos with friends and family. In addition to that you can also sync up your digital photos from your camera phone with you PC.


Price Plans

SugarSync has different price plans which can suit your needs. You can choose for different plans starting with a basic 10GB to 250GB for business needs.

Here are the cost of different plans SugarSync offers

  • Starter Plan with 10GB space costs $2.49 monthly and $24.99 yearly.
  • Basic Plan with 30GB space costs $4.99 monthly and $49.99 yearly.
  • Premium Plan with 60GB space costs $9.99 monthly and $99.99 yearly.
  • Professional Plan with 100GB space costs $14.99 monthly and $149.99 yearly.
  • Business Plan with 250GB space costs $24.99 monthly and $249.99 yearly.


The cost per GB on the higher side comes up to 2.49 per GB per year and on the lower side it is 0.99$ per GB per year which is not bad considering the features SugarSync provides you with.

Free 30GB Account Giveaways

Well as a reader of Techie Buzz you have a great opportunity to 30GB plan for a year absolutely free.

To earn a free account you need to follow the following steps.

  • Signup with SugarSync for the free 45 days trial
  • Come back to this post and leave a comment with the email address you signed up with for SugarSync as to how you will be using your SugarSync subscription.


That’s it and you have a valid entry to win one of 3 30GB plans we have to give away for free. The winners of the free 30GB SugarSync accounts will be randomly chosen and announced on June 20th.

Each winner will have their free accounts upgraded to 30GB accounts for a year.


SugarSync is great way to automatically backup and synchronize your important files. The fact that you can sync up your files between different platforms is a added benefit. We would definitely recommend you to start using SugarSync and backup all your important files.

Also don’t forget we have three premium 30GB accounts to give away so signup for SugarSync now and leave a comment here to be eligible for the giveaways.

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