Interact With Your Desktop In A 3D Style With BumpTop

Interact With Your Desktop In A 3D Style With BumpTop

Lots of documents, piles of papers, files dumped, a cup of coffee spilled and so on . Yes, I know what all these remind you of… your Office desk, right?

Yes, it’s true that most of us get messy while doing our office work. The result is   that we fall in love with the mess and a clean surrounding looks awful. ;). So for mess lovers, here is an innovative application that helps you to get messy.

Bumptop enables you to experience a completely interactive desktop wherein you can play with your files and folders the way you like. You can scatter your files and return them to piles again with simple mouse gestures. It also enables you to view your desktop at different angles with a drag of the mouse.

This application is too good to explain in words. Watch this video and know yourself how interactive it looks.

Isn’t it great to interact with the desktops like that? Moreover, this is a free software and thus you have no excuses for not trying it.

Here is the link: Bumptop

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