FoxyTunes Features

We recently wrote about YouTube being added as a part of FoxyTunes web-services FoxyTunes. In order to control YouTube with FoxyTunes you need to install the latest version of FoxyTunes and try it out with a particular YouTube playlist. As it’s already been mentioned before currently you can only support YouTube videos with FoxyTunes but the makers of this software are improving it further, so that it can support others too. I’m sure support for other video sites like MetaCafe should be in soon.

I’ve listed some of the important features and actions of the FoxyTunes below:-

  • It has the power to support several well known media players and is sure to support many players in the future as well.
  • It can be positioned any place in the browser. It can be placed on the status bar or on any of the toolbars of your computer.
  • It has its own Volume controls
  • FoxyTunes also come complete with its very own Seek Slider
  • It has a range of configurable shortcuts of the keyboard
  • It also shows track information of the currently played track
  • FoxyTunes can be customized and are also collapsible
  • It has an auto-hide function
  • FoxyTunes are both skinable and localizable
  • Through it you can automatically launch the player when necessary
  • You can pop up and also conceal the window player with just a click.

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