First Impressions: Google Chrome Rocks. It’s Super Fast And Feature Rich

google-chrome-logo Google Chrome is out for downloads and having been a early adopter, its already installed on our PC. The first thing we noticed about Google Chrome is that it is very lightweight and lightning fast, much better than any other browser available today.

We tried out Gmail on this box and it was really really fast, so was Google Reader, Facebook, twitter and other websites we regularly visit. Here are our first impressions about Google chrome

Clean Looking Interface

Google Chrome has a neat and simple looking interface which keeps your main focus on the browsing.


Lightweight and Lightning Fast

It’s been only 30 minutes since we are using Google Chrome, but we can say that Chrome is a lightweight browser and it is lightning fast as compared to other browsers such as Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Informative Start Page

Google borrows the start page feature from Opera speed dial, but it shows you thumbnails and links to site that you have visited from the history. It also displays the most recent bookmarks from the bookmarks folder and allows you to search your history. It also shows you links to the most recently close tabs.


Ability to create Standalone windows from tabs

Google Chrome allows you to easily create a standalone window from any tab, thus allowing you with the comfort to browse without being distracted by any other browsing session. Check out the image below to see how you can easily disconnect tabs into its own window.


Easy Rearrangement of tabs

e-arranging tabs in the order you want is very easy with Chrome, simply drag a tab and place it wherever you want, the graphical interface for managing tabs is quite good and works fast. Check out a image on how you can easily rearrange tabs in Google Chrome.


One Search Box Address Bar

The address bar allows you to search as you type, from both the bookmarks as well as from your browsing history.

Incognito: Browsing without saving history

Like IE8 Private Browsing, Google Chrome provides users with incognito browsing or ghost browsing, where pages viewed would not be stored in the browser or search history.


Create Applications Shortcuts / Launch Application in Chromeless Window

Google Chrome allows you to create application shortcuts to launch your favorite web application in a chromeless window, without address bar and toolbars. This feature is borrowed from Mozilla Prism, which allows you to launch web applications in standalone windows.


We still have a lot to explore with Google Chrome, but the first impressions are pretty good, browsing has been a pleasure so far. Though the features are not completely new, having all of them in a single browser does add more value to it. So if you are looking to try out Google Chrome, we would definitely recommend you to download it.

Download Google Chrome

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