Buying A New Gadget? Check Out Test Freaks First

Who doesn’t want to own a digital camera or a MP3 player? With the number of choices the market offers, it is definitely not a easy task to decide which one you should buy. Many seller sites show you product reviews and customer reviews, but is that enough to decide, whether or not you should buy a product.


Test Freaks is a great site to find tech reviews of mp3 players, mobile phone, digital cameras, games and more.

Test Freaks collects expert reviews, user reviews and forum threads about products and displays it in a user friendly format, making it easier for purchasers to find products and reviews from 100s of websites in 60 countries at one place.


In addition to finding reviews, you can also search for product catalogues, manuals, specifications. Each product also has a price comparison from various sources that will make it easier for you to buy the product.

Test Freaks rate products with a FreakScorea weighted index of all aggregated professional and user reviews. Professional reviews are given more value than user reviews. The product categories are broadly divided into Home Audio, Games and Consoles, Digital Cameras and Camcorders, Car Audio, Sports and Outdoor, Phones, Computers making it easier to browse and find products.

Individual product pages give you detailed information about product features, reviews and pricing, it also has more detailed ratings such as Freak Gradeswhich are ratings from all user and professional reviews. You can also view products that are related to the one you are viewing without having to search for them.


We recommend Test Freaks to our readers, before making a decision to buy a product, as it could definitely save a lot of Oopsafter you have purchased a product.

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