Samsung Galaxy S3 Case and Pouch Review

The Samsung Galaxy S3 might come with a Gorilla glass, but given the multitude of shattered Gorilla glass anecdotes doing the rounds on the web, that is hardly assurance enough. If you have butter fingers, or just don’t want to risk your prized possession, it makes sense to invest a bit more and opt for a protective case or a pouch.

Mobilefun sent me a couple of Galaxy S3 accessories to review. The first of them is the official Samsung S3 Slim Case. As the name suggests, the Slim Case is a super-thin case that barely adds to your Galaxy’s dimensions, but protects its hyper-glazed back from getting scratched. Samsung claims that the case is made from “unique plastic injection process” that retains strength and reinforcement. In my tests I definitely found the case to be sturdy and scratch proof. However, the biggest advantage of opting for the official case is its fitting. The phone fits perfectly into the case, which has precise openings for everything from the volume rocker to the tiny microphones dotting the S3’s exterior. The other advantage of the case is that it has a dotted texture (matt finish) that enhances grip and feels more comfortable to hold. At £14.95 (23.5 USD) for a dual-pack, the official case isn’t the cheapest option, but it provides almost no reason to complain.




The disadvantage of the Slim Case is that it offers absolutely no protection for the screen. If you want a more comprehensive protection, Samsung has the Flip Case, which protects both the rear and the front. The official case is also pretty slim, as it replaces the back cover. However, I wanted to try out one of the cheaper unofficial alternatives to see if they could get the job done. I opted for the Slimline Carbon Fibre Style Flip Case. I am not sure as to what the manufacturer means by “Carbon Fibre” style, but the Slimline case definitely looks reassuring. The front-lid has a comfy, microfiber lining that should be able to absorb shocks to protect your screen from light drops. The back plate on the other hand has a soft rubber coating. Slimline case also fits in quite well, and I like how the case attaches itself without using any extraneous devices like buttons or velcro straps. However, some of the openings are not cut very precisely and tend to reduce the premium feel of a product that otherwise appears to be more expensive than it really is. The Slimline Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 sells for £11.95 (19 USD).




If looks are important to you, then the official Samsung Slim Case is undoubtedly the best option. The translucent case is barely visible from a distance, and completely protects the rear as well as the edges of the Galaxy S3. However, if you are concerned about protecting the screen, the Samsung’s Flip Case is a good option. The official case retails for $28 on Mobilefun ($40 on Samsung’s official website). If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, the Slimline Carbon Fibre Style Flip Case is as good a bet as any. It does add to the bulk of the phone, but I could hardly call it ugly. In fact, you can easily pass it off as a premium case.

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